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Crystal Lamps
solid crystal lamp
crystal lamp
solid crystal lamp
crystal lamp
solid crystal lamp
solid crystal lamp
solid crystal lamp
crystal lamp
solid crystal lamp
crystal lamp
two light solid brass table lamp with bronze trim and cut crystal accents
crystal lamp
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Crystal Lamps in Feng Shui

According to the practice of Feng Shui, each color of the rainbows spectrum radiating from the crystal carry the intensity of that particular type of chi energy. For example, green carries the three chi energy of the east.

The Energy of Crystal. Crystals generates positive energy. Feng Shui methods recommends using products that are made from crystal for transformation and balancing energy in the home environment.

Crystal table lamps are more powerful positive energy generators than any other crystal products, because they combine two types of light - light waives that come from the lighting source and refracted light that comes from the crystals.

crystal table lamp

Crystal Lamps Placement

For maximum generation of positive chi energy it is recommended to place crystal lamps in the front of a window. So maximum reflection of light would be achieved during the day time as well as at night. During daytime the sun light will create a beautiful rainbow of colors refracting in crystal and spreading a magical glow throughout a room. At nighttimes the artificial light from the bulbs will reflect in the crystal creating a soft comforting glow.

There is some other parts in your home that are obviously perfect for placing crystal table lamps. Placing crystal lamps in any dark corner will not only benefit an overall design of a space but will generate and balance the positive energy in your home.

A lot of design professionals like to use crystal lamps for an incredible esthetic value. Some of them believe that crystal encourages creativity, concentration and workability. For this reason, crystal table lamps are often place in working areas, home studies and home libraries. From the Feng Shui point of view the combination of a high quality crystal and silver are very powerful in removing negative energy. Making a crystal table lamps a part of living room decorative scheme could not only bring positive energy into the room, but could help to harmonies many other aspects of everyday life.

According to Feng Shui theory the South-West part of the room or home itself has an ambient chi energy that is guided by Earth's force. The main feeling created by this force is settled and domestic and is perfect for a cozy family living, love, romance and is good for a woman's health. You can maintain a positive chi energy in this part of your home by adding enhancing touches.

The best method of activating the Earth's natural energy is with crystal. That is why followers believe that placing a crystal table lamps in South-West part of a room or house increases the power of the Earth energy, and as a result will positively influence fields of love, commitment, family happiness. As to the bedrooms, according to Feng Shui rolls, principles of dull symmetry should be applied. Crystal lamps should be used in pairs, and have to be positioned symmetrically in a bedroom.

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