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Accessories for Flexible Rope Lighting

flexible rope light Clear Plastic U-Channel A121CL

Clear plastic U-channel for flexible rope light mounting. Sold in 12 length only; (must be cut to ship UPS).

list price: $ 7.49
your price: $ 5.99
lighting accessories
invisible splice connector  Invisible Splice Connector CBINVSPL

Invisible low profile splice connector used when changing colors or adding length. Used when splicer projection or dia. width is critical (it is a same dia. as flexlight).

list price: $ 2.25
your price: $ 1.80
lighting accessories
flexible 3-way Y-Splitter  Flexible 3-way Y-Splitter CB3WY

White flexible 3-way Y-Splitter; 18" overall length

list price: $ 4.88
your price: $ 3.90
lighting accessories
filler cables  Filler Cables

2-foot Filler Cable CBFILL2

list price: $ 2.36
your price: $ 1.86
lighting accessories
10-foot Filler Cable CBFILL10

list price: $ 7.10
your price: $ 5.68
lighting accessories
Rigid 3-way T-Splitter  Rigid 3-way T-Splitter CB3WT

Rigid 3-way T-Splitter

list price: $ 5.85
your price: $ 4.68
lighting accessories
Locking splice connector  Locking Splice Connector CBSPL

Locking splice connector

list price: $ 3.63
your price: $ 2.90
lighting accessories
clear end cup  Clear End Cup CBEND

Clear end cup

list price: $ 2.25
your price: $ 1.80
lighting accessories