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House-Warming Gifts

Crystal Accessories
crystal accessories

Crystal table-top accessories will beautify any house. You'll find in our expertly crafted collection solid crystal accessories for any room in the house

Hurricane Lamps
hurricane lamps

Dazzling hand crafted from solid brass and crystal hurricane lamps will make a great gift with a touch of romance

Architectural Home Accessories
architectural home accessories

Fascinating collection of early stair models and dome buildings. Sinuous curves and arches in beautifully finished wood add a fluid touch to private or corporate quarters


Functional and decorative, these intriguing and elegant pieces bring a taste of practical history into your home. You could say that history has timeless style with these useful, extraordinary works of art

Ship Models
ship models

If you are looking for a model ship with tremendous appeal, look no further. All ship models are completely hand-made by skilled craftsman

Decorative Boxes
decorative boxes

Decorative wood boxes of all shapes and sizes, challenging in scale and flowing contour, detailed with subtle moldings and ridges

Porcelain Architectural Accessories
porcelain accessories

Series of architectural home accessories that double as whimsical candle stands

Venetian glass accessories Venetian glass accessories

Take your home decor to new heights with artistic Venetian glass. It's no secret that Venetian glass objects are the crème-de-la-crème of the glass world

Collectible Compasses
collectible compasses

Discover early navigation, enjoy an unbelievable collection of compasses from various eras

telescopes and binoculars
telescopes and binoculars

Our authentic reproductions of antique telescopes and binoculars are fully functional, authentic replicas of original pieces

magnifiers and magnifying glasses

It always pays to have a close look! The signature on the painting you just purchased at that out-of-the-way estate sale. Check on your hunch it’s a Leonardo…

Porcelain Home Accessories
porcelain home accessories

Collection of porcelain home accessories includes selection of hand-crafted porcelain apothecary bottles, tobacco jars, hand-painted pharmacy jars

WWI Propellers

Wood propellers used to be replaced as often as tires. For good luck the propeller was turned into a clock and taken home...

decorative accessories
decorative accessories 

Incredibly detailed, hand crafted by artisans statues will make a great gifts and bring visual delight to the house

Plane Models
plane models

The planes that made them famous are available as models in this unique collection. Selection includes exquisite models and artifacts of early flight era.


Time waits for no man, so the saying goes. But, some of us know that watching time can be a fascinating diversion


Our table lamps are fare more than functional, they are making a great housewarming gifts because of they sculptural qualities and originality

Candle Sconces
hurricane sconces and candle sconces

Meticulously crafted to the latest detail have no need for special wiring or complicated installation, yet appropriate to any room in the house

Fireplace Tools
fireplace tools

Hand-crafted solid brass tools set will make a very practical gift and add aesthetic touches to the fireplace

Crystal Candlesticks
crystal candlesticks

Solid crystal candlesticks are almost like a pieces of jewelry fore the house. Bohemian accessories create intrigue, which brings to the house a touch of glam

house warming gifts

This page is created to help you to navigate our site in a search for a unique gifts. Any products from categories on this page will make a perfect gift for house warming, birthday, wedding and any other occasion.

As you have come to expect from, all our housewarming gifts are hand crafted by master artisans and have incredible value and individuality. As a gifts they will please even the most demeaning recipient and exhibit impeccable taste of the giver.