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Carved Wood Fireplace Mantels

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Fireplace Mantles and Interiors

Fireplace mantels and fireplace mantel shelves are excellent opportunities for adding architectural elements to your home. Fireplace mantels often serving as focal points in a room.

gorgeous fireplace mantel

Decorative mantel earned its important role in interior architecture. A fireplace mantel is a decorative frame that surrounds the fireplace and facing on the top and two sides. The term "mantel" refers to the entire decorative surround of the fireplace, not just the shelf part. The facing is the protective frame that surrounds a fireplace opening, and is usually marble, brick, tile, or slate. Fireplace mantels evolved from a simple open hearth in the middle of the floor to the wide variety of surrounds we know today.

gorgeous living room with fireplace mantel and crystal chandelier

Fireplace mantels add considerable grace and charm to the room. Historically, the quality of a mantel indicated homeowner's status. The form of the fireplace mantel was a showcase for the architects personal style and skillful craftsmanship. In our days fireplace mantels remains as the social an aesthetic focus of the any room it appears. Replacing an old mantel or embellishing a bland surround not only transforms the appearance of your fireplace, it is changing the architecture of the entire room.

marble fireplace in the room

If you have a working fireplace you can improve its appearance with an addition of fireplace mantel. You can choose wood, stone, or marble mantel, this architectural element will greatly enhance the room and the way you feel sitting next to a warm fire. The refinement will smile back at you as you gaze into the glow of the fire and at the beauty of the surrounding fireplace mantel.

bathroom with fireplace mantel
bathroom with fireplace mantel

Every room needs a focal point, and a striking fireplace mantel draws your eye into the room. Select a fireplace mantel in the decorating style you most love in furniture. Usually a fireplace mantel is well located in the center of a wall with solid walls on either side so there will be plenty of room for a furniture grouping.

dining room with carved wood fireplace mantel

If you would want to wait before purchasing a fireplace mantel, and have just an opening, consider installing a fireplace mantel shelf above the opening for displaying decorative objects. You can use beautiful wood corbels to support a mantel shelf. Most mantel shelves are between 51 and 63 inches above the floor.

home office with fireplace mantel

The height of the shelf based on the size of the fireplace opening and whether the fireplace hearth is raised or is flush to the floor. For best appearance, the sides of the mantel should be aligned with or extend just beyond the sides of a flush fireplace hearth width.

bedroom with fireplave mantel

Sprucing up an old fireplace might involve as little as changing of paint color of the existing fireplace mantel or as much as remodeling the entire fireplace wall.

custom carved wood fireplace mantel with overmantel

Of course, budgets vary, but there are a lot of materials and design possibilities with which to work, for both do-it-yourselfers and professional projects. If you've updated the rest of your home and your old fireplace mantel looks a little neglected and out of touch, paint the mantel to match the surrounding decor. If the results are not satisfying, try slightly more invasive approach, update the mantel's trimwork, add decorative wood carvings or replace it altogether ...

large fireplace mantel

Stone, tile and smooth solid surfaces used today for fireplace mantels creation, but marble fireplace mantels along with carved wood mantels are the most popular in traditional-style homes. Wonderful selection of fireplace mantels is available on our website. From simple and classical craftsman-style wooden fireplace mantels to elaborately carved solid hard maple fireplace mantels, or choose from our solid marble fireplace mantels collection.

marble fireplace mantel

The classic decorative mantel was a product of the Italian Renaissance. The basic structure of the Renaissance fireplace mantels is still used today. A traditional fireplace mantel includes four main components: the field. the pilasters or columns, the mantel shelf, and the decorative molding. Some fireplace mantel include an overmantel - a decorative treatment applied to the wall above the fireplace mantel shelf, often intended to receive display shelves, framed art or mirror.

beautiful fireplace mantel

The field is the frame of the fireplace mantel, made up of two vertical side boards and a horizontal frieze board. It is a foundation of the fireplace mantels to which the other parts of the mantel are attached.

living room with fireplace mantel 

Standing at each side of the fireplace mantel opening, a pilasters or wood columns add a since of structure to the mantels and visually carries mantelshelf above. In the classical fireplace mantels order, carved pilasters or columns usually mounted at the top of a plinth blocks or bases and crowned with capitals or blocks.

living room with oversized fireplace mantel

Traditional fireplace mantel shelf is a solid piece of wood or marble with a milled front edge ore decorative molding added. Shelf can be supported by molding, blocks above pilasters or columns, brackets, or any kind of decorative projection centered along the fireplace mantel frieze. Carved wood molding finishes the fireplace mantel. As with a built-up crown, a combination of relatively simple trim pieces can add up to a deceptively complex mantel treatment. Carved wood crown, frieze and pierced molding are used to add rich details to fireplace mantels while cleverly hiding gaps and joints. In addition to carved wood trim wooden fireplace mantels often adorned with other meticulously crafted wood products: inlayed wood carvings, rosettes and small carvings

home office with fireplace mantel

Today you can enjoy our classically inspired fireplace mantels designs – designs that stood the test of time. Graceful curves and elaborate carvings of shell motives, country flowers, rinceau scrolls, floral baskets and swags, deep relief fluting, bellflower drops on our carved wood fireplace mantels speaks gently of understated elegance and undeniable refinement. Any of our fireplace mantels create a dramatic look worthy of the finest homes.

fireplace mantel decor 

decorating fireplace mantel - fireplace accessories

building a fireplace mantel
If you have a beautiful large fireplace than you could experience problems to find a large enough mantle to accommodate the larger than average firebox—consider making a custom mantle. With the wide range of mantel parts such as wood carvings you can find on our website, you can make your very own mantle that fits not only your fireplace, but also your style and exact specifications. The best part of the whole process is that you will be able to install in one piece. If you are drawing a blank on what design to go with, than you should simply look through our inspiration gallery for some ideas... read more about building a fireplace mantel >>

decorating fireplace mantel - fireplace accessories

decorating fireplace mantel
Refresh a traditional room that has a grand fireplace mantel by keenly editing furnishings and choosing suitable fireplace accessories. Top the mantel with with seasonal flowers, botanical prints and add personal touch with accessories. Paint the walls of a family room a soothing shade of green color and keep fabric patterns subtle to cultivate relaxation and comfort. Objects don't have to be placed symmetrically on a mantel - a lone candlestick, decorative box, or interesting vase can provide a perfect finishing touch... read more decorating fireplace mantel >>

fireplace as focal point

fireplace as focal point
In many homes the fireplace is not designed to be important focal point of a room. In order to keep costs down in a lot of homes builders and developers installed zero-clearance fireplace mantels with inexpensive marble or granite surround set within uninspired, prefabricated wood mantel. The fireplace mantels are usually painted white to match the trim in the home. The result - a lackluster fireplace that doesn't really commands attention nor have a presence needed to be a strong focal point in a room... read more about fireplace as focal point >>