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Wood Chandeliers
carved wood chandelier
green carved wood chandelier
18th century Italian style carved wood chandelier with fifteen lights, wrought iron arms and light silver decape finish
Italian style wood chandelier
carved wood chandelier with wrought iron arms, antiqued white finish,and antiqued silverleaf accents
antique white carved chandelier
carved wood chandelier with antiqued white finish and wrought iron arms
carved wood chandelier
twelve-light carved wood chandelier with antiqued white finish and wrought iron arms
twelve-light carved wood chandelier
carved wood chandelier with antiqued white finish,antiqued goldleaf accents
antique white wood chandelier
wood chandeliers - chandeliers #chandeliers #woodchandeliers

About Wood Chandeliers

Our carved wood chandeliers are a perfect example of how a master artisan's hands something transform something simple into a work of art. Our wood chandeliers display excellent craftsmanship and details resulting in a beautiful treasure. Wood chandeliers presented on this page are inspired by the great wooden chandeliers at the turn of the 18th century.

Most of our beautiful wood chandeliers are finished in antique white, or given a beautiful patina. The central shaft of the wood chandeliers retains the strength of the Baroque style while the soft S-shaped wrought iron candle chandeliers arms are distinctly Regent. The pale green color, wood texture and elegant curves of wrought iron arms is reminiscent of nature bounty. These unique wood chandeliers bring the feeling of outdoors in and help pass long winter evenings. All chandeliers from our hand carved wood chandeliers collection are UL approved.

All of the chandeliers are made from premium quality materials—be it crystal, wood, wrought iron, or brass- they are all of the highest standards. You will never have to choose between quality and aesthetic of your chandelier. When you will look through our website, you will be able to find a chandelier for every room in your house. We do not take the same approach to our chandeliers as most companies do—we only choose the very best for you. Each chandelier is like a work of art that no one would be able to pass by without taking notice.

The wood chandeliers may sound a bit more new-aged than, say, a crystal chandelier. Wood chandeliers have been around for much longer than the crystal ones. The word "chandelier" was first meant to mean "candleholder" due to the fact that it came from the French word "chandelle" which means "candle". The first chandeliers were made from crossbeams with a pricket (spike) at the end. On those prickets the candles would be placed on the prickets and arranged in a circle. Chandeliers were, in a way, large wooden candleholders.

Our wood chandeliers are hand carved with scrolls and other elaborate designs. Many of the wood chandeliers are hand painted and some are gold leafed. Any of our wood chandeliers would be perfect centerpieces for any of your rooms.

While wood chandeliers would be perfect for the entrance way and for placement over the dining room table, don't forget that you could brighten up almost any room, and not just in the lighting sense—the wood chandelier would give the whole room a while new feeling.

It is a great way to bring something that will have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance and mood of the space. Even if the wood chandelier is rather simple, it will have a breathtaking effect on the room.

gorgeous chandeliers

chandeliers placement
Exactly where chandelier goes in the room is an important design consideration. A chandelier is usually a significant part of a room's decorative scheme and has a strong visual presence. The first thing to consider is the wiring because it involves not only electrical work, but often carpentry, plasterwork, and painting. So where to place the junction box, which will determine where the chandelier will be hung, is something you want to get right the first time. read more on where to hang a chandelier>>

air balloon chandeliers

chandeliers scale
Scale consideration is really a matter of common sense. To avoid any problems while shopping for chandeliers, do not rely on your scale memory. Before you start shopping, determine how large a chandelier you want. One way to determine a chandelier size needed is with tape measure or yardstick and a partner. Position yourself into the room about where you want the chandelier to be placed... read more on scale consideration when choosing chandeliers>>


choosing chandeliers
It is very important to consider the scale when choosing a chandelier. You have to think of how it should impact the room and the size that would be absolutely perfect for it. Different kinds of chandeliers impact the space in different ways: crystal chandeliers impact with their volume, while the wrought iron chandeliers impact with its lines and its overall shape to impact.... read more on choosing chandeliers that are just right >>