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Maria Theresa style crystal chandelier
Maria Theresa crystal chandelier
Swedish style crystal chandelier on an antique gilded frame
Swedish style crystal chandelier
hand-wrought iron chandelier with Italian glass flowers and drops
wrought iron chandelier
solid cast brass Empire style chandelier in French gold finish
Empire style chandelier
wrought iron chandelier in silver-leaf finish and Italian glass trim
wrought iron chandelier
air-balloon chandelier in antiqued gold-leaf and Swarovski crystal
air-balloon chandelier
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Choosing Chandeliers That are Just Right

It is very important to consider the scale when choosing a chandelier. You have to think of how it should impact the room and the size that would be absolutely perfect for it. Different kinds of chandeliers impact the space in different ways: crystal chandeliers impact with their volume, while the wrought iron chandeliers impact with its lines and its overall shape to impact.

Our gorgeous brass chandeliers are made to reflect the look of a seventeenth century candelabra. They are all in matte finish, which is a very elegant design choice, since it will allow the metal to tarnish. The antique effect is kept in check to make sure that it is stable. antique brass chandeliers bring in a very warm atmosphere into the home.

It is an amazing addition to a traditional space, as well as a great way to punch up a modern interior. The motifs all vary, but still get the point across of being the most elegant item in the whole room. The chandeliers are in a French gold finish that tease and delight the visual senses. All of our chandeliers can be used in any rooms in your home. They are perfect for anything like the dining rooms, bedrooms, foyers, walkways, and private libraries.

What type of decor would welcome a chandelier?

Any type of decor can handle having a chandelier incorporated into it. The material and the style all depends on the overall décor. The most important part is being able to classify the type of décor that you have in your home—then you can decide if you would like the chandelier go with the flow of the décor or to be something that is an accent mark. A more classical looking chandelier would be a great addition to a modern home if you like the idea of a fusion. Some people are interested in bringing simpler lines into a more intricate room. Whichever way you like it, there is a way to make it work.

Importance of the right material for your chandeliers

When trying to perfectly match the chandelier to your space you should first think about the material that you would like to incorporate. There are many choices for that: wood, brass, iron, gold, silver, or brass. The different materials will have a different impact on the space. The wood tends to warm up the space, the brass usually brings a sense to traditional design into the room, and crystal could easily elevate things to a more formal level. When used in the room with other objects, such as furniture, it takes everything to a whole new level. You could boldly mix different styles and different moods to whip up a whole new kind of design.

Wrought iron chandeliers with Swarovski crystal droplets will have a one of a kind effect on your room. The wrought iron will bring a sense of wonder due to being a reminder of the outdoors, as well as the French style. The Swarovski droplets add a bit of glamour to the rustic look of the wrought iron, making a very unexpected combination. It is a great chandelier in almost any decor. If you would like to go for a daring look in your room, then you should definitely think about mixing a wrought iron chandelier into a more contemporary and streamline-looking decor. A beautiful crystal chandelier is also a great touch for a country-styled room, a cottage-inspired room.

Techniques for making chandeliers

Design of these chandeliers is adapted from a seventeenth century candelabra. These beautiful chandeliers have an un-lacquered, matte finish. It takes a clear design sense to let brass chandeliers tarnish.

Antique chandelier finish is very stable; the tarnishing process is kept in check. antique brass chandeliers finish often much better alternative to polished and lacquered brass. Patinated brass chandeliers surfaces seem warmer and more inviting, as if years of use have given them character.

The ubiquitous brass chandelier in a traditional room is a much more intriguing addition when it has a matte finish. Solid cast brass chandeliers presented on this page retains a special hold on our imagination, partly because of the deep French gold chandeliers finish. Hand crafted Empire style solid cast brass chandeliers adorned with swan, cherub motifs, elegant scrolls and elaborate detailed designs. The adornments of gold chandeliers finish has remained a constant throughout history.

gorgeous chandeliers

Chandeliers placement
Exactly where chandelier goes in the room is an important design consideration. A chandelier is usually a significant part of a room's decorative scheme and has a strong visual presence. The first thing to consider is the wiring because it involves not only electrical work, but often carpentry, plasterwork, and painting. So where to place the junction box, which will determine where the chandelier will be hung, is something you want to get right the first time... read more on where to hang a chandelier>>

air balloon chandeliers

Chandeliers scale
Scale consideration is really a matter of common sense. To avoid any problems while shopping for chandeliers, do not rely on your scale memory. Before you start shopping, determine how large a chandelier you want. One way to determine a chandelier size needed is with tape measure or yardstick and a partner. Position yourself into the room about where you want the chandelier to be placed... read more on scale consideration when choosing chandeliers>>

wood chandeliers - carved wood chandelier

Carved wood chandeliers
Our carved wood chandeliers are a perfect example of how a master artisan's hands something transform something simple into a work of art. Our wood chandeliers display excellent craftsmanship and details resulting in a beautiful treasure. Wood chandeliers presented on this page are inspired by the great wooden chandeliers at the turn of the 18th century... read more on about wood chandeliers>>