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Elite Chandeliers
We present to you our Elite Chandeliers Collection from Italy for sophisticated interiors. Our chandeliers are hand made from high quality materials such as, crystal, wood, wrought iron, and brass by master artisans. We offer a wide selection of chandeliers from wood and wrought iron chandeliers to Bohemian and Versailles style crystal chandeliers, from cast brass chandeliers to chandeliers with Swarovski crystal drops. All chandelier are carefully selected to present not only high esthetic value but highest quality standards. Exploring our chandeliers collection you will find chandeliers for any room in your home. We have a great chandeliers that will make your bedroom more romantic, entry way more inviting, dining room cozier, or library warm and relaxing. Our chandeliers have unique rich finishes. Breath taking effects of finishing on our chandeliers is achieved through complex layering, gilding, use of real gold metal leaf and the precise techniques of master artisans. All our chandeliers are hand crafted to the last detail, so your chandelier will be a one of a kind piece of art.
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crystal chandeliers
crystal chandeliers
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Venetian glass chandeliers
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Beautiful Chandeliers

Chandeliers recall grand places and glamorous festivities. Chandelier conjure images of great gilded halls with women in ball gowns and an orchestra playing waltz. The crystal chandeliers are the center of the swirl of activity, lighting and dignifying the space. Chandeliers lend an air of luxury to the scene that is implanted in our mind's eye. Indoor version of the dapping of light through trees, is created by chandeliers. In the pre-electricity days, when chandeliers would give light from burning candles or oil, there was a romantic quality to the flickering light they provided. Electrified chandeliers try to replicate the gentle flickering of candlelight or warm glow of oil lamps by using multiple small incandescent light sources rather than a single large one. The lamps on a chandeliers are often surrounded with materials like crystal that reflects the light, or silk shades that diffuse it. Often chandeliers have a combination of both. Usually the crystals on the chandeliers are attached on small hooks, allowing them to move with air currents and sending sparkles of light around the room. Magical dinner parties are mostly the results of the guests and the menu,. But don't underestimate the importance of chandelier light. Clever repartee and delicious food seem all the more so under the warm glow of an elegant chandelier.

Of all the objects that are put in the room, the chandeliers offers the most possibilities for surprise - for "throwing the room". Chandeliers are a room's jewelry. Like a stone encrusted brooch, chandeliers add sparkle. Like a strand of pearls, a chandeliers make something simple, say a casual Wednesday night, feel special

Choosing Chandeliers

The best place to begin to decide what chandelier would work for you in a room is to narrow down the choice of chandeliers materials. Chandeliers can be made of many materials, each with a different effect in the decorative scheme. On their own, materials such as wood, brass, iron, gold, silver, bronze seem neutral with no immediate associations. When paired with other elements in the room they become more potent. Gold leaf is opulent, wood is warm, nickel is modern, brass is traditional, crystal is formal. But whatever the material, a glittering chandeliers always ensures a little magic in a room.

When chandeliers are made from corroded metal, it refers to as garden. Rusted hand crafted wrought iron chandeliers with Swarovski crystal drops will act as a romantic centerpiece in any decorative scheme. Some time chandeliers like this can seem far more rustic than the room is occurs, but remember that juxtaposition of styles is always surprising and refreshing. It is the same as putting a French Bohemian crystal chandelier in the industrial loft. it takes a certain amount of design confidence to mix styles deliberately.

Chandeliers go a long way in pulling together what might seem otherwise like disparate element. If traditional decorating rules say that each piece in a room should have a similar tone and provenance, use a chandelier to brake the rules. If you like a beautiful Louis XVI crystal chandelier, don't feel that you have to complete the room in a similar style. For instance, an ornate crystal chandelier adds an unexpected and sophisticated touch to a country-inspired dining room. An over-the-top, fancy Maria Theresa crystal chandelier in an otherwise slick interior can make a rooms even more interesting. Gilded Empire crystal chandelier in a small country cottage is pure romance. The ubiquitous brass chandelier in a traditional room is a much more intriguing addition when it has a matte finish. Like a woman in a stylish hat, a chandeliers are often made more charming by the addition of shades. Use any of our chandeliers like you would one of the gowns. Save our chandeliers for special places in your home. Design your room around our chandeliers because they will undoubtedly take center stage.

Chandeliers Placement

There are only a couple of special spots in our homes that we reserve for chandeliers. Usually placement of chandeliers over dining tables and in the main entrance way is a given. But there are many other places were chandelier would work just fine. Chandeliers can do a great deal to help create the overall look of a room, well beyond the amount of light that a chandelier sheds. Accepting that chandeliers retainer elements of grandeur and luxury, no meter how modest the chandelier is, makes them that much more interesting to incorporate into the decorative scheme of a room. Chandeliers, when used over dining table, should be suspended approximately 30" above the table in an 8'00" high room, chandeliers should be raised three inches for each additional foot of ceiling height. Click on followed link to learn more about chandeliers placement

Chandeliers and Scale

Scale consideration when choosing chandeliers is very important. on a number of different levels. The most important is: does the chandelier fit the scale of the room? No less important is the scale of the chandelier's details - shades, crystals, beads, and candles. Click on the following link to find out more about determining chandeliers size.

Once you determine your chandeliers size, the second issue to consider is the visual space different chandeliers take. The apparent size of chandeliers is not just a function of the chandeliers actual measurements, it is also about chandeliers density. For example, a delicate wrought iron chandeliers may have a large diameters, but they do not take up much visual space. Wrought iron chandelier is a lighting fixtures better described by lines than by volume. You can see right through wrought iron chandeliers. On the other hand, a small crystal chandelier taking more visual space than its actual size. When you walk into a room you can't miss a crystal chandelier. If a beaded crystal chandelier is also considerable in size, it may be more that you bargained for, you may need to diminish other decorative elements in the room.

gorgeous chandeliers

chandeliers placement
Exactly where chandelier goes in the room is an important design consideration. A chandelier is usually a significant part of a room's decorative scheme and has a strong visual presence. The first thing to consider is the wiring because it involves not only electrical work, but often carpentry, plasterwork, and painting. So where to place the junction box, which will determine where the chandelier will be hung, is something you want to get right the first time... read more on where to hang a chandelier>>

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chandeliers scale
Scale consideration is really a matter of common sense. To avoid any problems while shopping for chandeliers, do not rely on your scale memory. Before you start shopping, determine how large a chandelier you want. One way to determine a chandelier size needed is with tape measure or yardstick and a partner. Position yourself into the room about where you want the chandelier to be placed... read more on scale consideration when choosing chandeliers >>


choosing chandeliers
It is very important to consider the scale when choosing a chandelier. You have to think of how it should impact the room and the size that would be absolutely perfect for it. Different kinds of chandeliers impact the space in different ways: crystal chandeliers impact with their volume, while the wrought iron chandeliers impact with its lines and its overall shape to impact.... read more on choosing chandeliers that are just right >>

wood chandeliers - carved wood chandelier

carved wood chandeliers
Our carved wood chandeliers are a perfect example of how a master artisan's hands something transform something simple into a work of art. Our wood chandeliers display excellent craftsmanship and details resulting in a beautiful treasure. Wood chandeliers presented on this page are inspired by the great wooden chandeliers at the turn of the 18th century... read more on about wood chandeliers>>

czech crystal chandeliers

The Crystal Sun - Czech crystal chandeliers
More than 500 years ago, in the territory of the former Kingdom of Bohemia, skilled craftsmen began to discover ways of molding glass into beautiful shapes. By the beginning of the 17th century, Bohemian glassmakers were manufacturing glass of such quality that it closely resembled natural crystal.... read more about Czech crystal chandeliers >>